Obama Makes Excuses for His Terrible Bracket


President Obama is a man who likes his sports. We can’t even count the number of times we’ve heard him talk about how much he loves watching Sportscenter — and, not to brag, but we are pretty damn good at counting. But Obama especially likes basketball. He plays it, he watches it, and he dutifully fills out his NCAA Tournament bracket every year. Last year he didn’t do half-bad, coming in 903,125th overall on ESPN — which doesn’t sound impressive, but actually landed him in the 80th percentile. This year, though, like many who are not autistic geniuses, Obama’s bracket looks just awful. He’s currently ranked a pathetic 2,111,104th. But how could someone with such a high college-basketball acumen fail so miserably? A proud Obama had an explanation for the Today show’s Matt Lauer this morning:

Of course it was health-care reform’s fault. Obama would have mastered his bracket if he had put any thought into it at all, but he was completely and totally consumed with passing health-care reform at the time. Like in this video: