Palin Attempts Stand-up Comedy on Tonight Show


The one and only Sarah Palin sat down with Jay Leno tonight on the second night of his revived Tonight Show. Palin hit many of the big topics, including writing crib notes on her palm (what she called “the poor boy’s version of the TelePrompTer”) and the recent Family Guy episode that featured a girl with Down syndrome (“What I would desire is more opportunity to follow up on a comment that perhaps I’ve made”).

But the strangest moment of all came soon after Leno asked the former governor if she’s ever considered hosting her own talk show. “I hear once in awhile this comes open,” she offered in response, while tapping Leno’s desk (not bad!). But that was the “high point,” as Palin then took the spotlight for her very own comedic monologue, which, honestly, needs to be seen to be believed (and still maybe won’t be believed even then!):