President Obama, Serious About Lowering His Cholesterol, Walks a Whole Block


A report on President Obama’s recent checkup didn’t just reveal that he has yet to quit smoking, but also that the gym obsessive and healthy-eating advocate has high cholesterol. To reassure a worried nation today, Obama decided to head back to the White House on foot, cameras in tow, from a speech he made at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Obama told reporters that he needed to “make sure that I’m walking off some of that cholesterol. That’s a year of campaigning right there.” (Side note: Can you blame your high cholesterol on a campaign that ended fifteen months ago? We’ll leave that to the doctors.) As planned, headlines like “Obama walks to White House to improve cholesterol” appeared soon after. We’re glad that Obama is making an effort to stay healthy and all, but the trek back from the speech was all of one block. And when he left for the speech earlier today, he traveled that block in his motorcade.