President Obama Signs Health-Care Reform With Twenty Pens


How momentous is health-care reform? So momentous that when Obama signed it into law moments ago, he used twenty different pens, up from ten for the apparently half-as-momentous stimulus bill. That’s how momentous. (They’re given away as souvenirs and saved as historic artifacts.) Before that, though, Joe Biden introduced Obama — to a pumped-up room packed full of congressmen and Kennedys, who chanted “Fired up! Ready to go!” — with lavish praise, telling him, “You’re the one who made it happen.” Biden was laying it on so thick that at one point he joked to Obama, “I know you want me to stop because it’s embarrassing you.” He did stop, but not right away. When Obama came to the podium, he described all the benefits of health-care reform and gave plaudits to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and everyone else who helped push health-care reform through Congress, as well as those who tried and failed at reforming the system before him, like the Clintons. Health-care reform is now the law of the land. You may find that thrilling or terrifying, but it’s historic either way.