Real Housewives’ Simon Van Kempen: Health-Care Battle Like Fight Between Bethenny and Jill


At the opening party for the new Housing Works outpost in Hell’s Kitchen last night, Real Housewives Househusband Simon Van Kempen compared the show’s featured feud between Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin to the debate over health-care reform. (Which he supports, though he wishes the bill were stronger, in case you care.) “Last week’s episode, LuAnn said to Alex, ‘Are you on our side?’” Simon recounted. “I’m on the side that’s right. It’s like the health-care debate that went down yesterday. Sometimes the Democrats are right, and sometimes the Republicans are right. I will not say that Bethenny is the bee’s knees all the time, or that Jill is the bee’s knees. I’ve at times been close to them both, and at this moment I’m closer to one than another, but that could change.”

When his wife, Alex McCord, entered the dressing room where we conducted this impromptu interview, she said the cast was definitely divided. “And when you talk about the drama of season three, you can really break it down just like that. You have the people on the show, not only us, but people who still have jobs and still have responsibilities that have to be taken care of. And you have people whose responsibilities are just the show. You see that stuff play out.”

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