Sarah Palin and John McCain, Together Again


Belying the much-reported tension between Sarah Palin’s camp and John McCain’s camp after their failed presidential campaign, the pair appeared together in Arizona today in an effort to boost McCain’s reelection chances. He’s running for his fifth term against fellow Republican J.D. Hayworth, who has accused him of becoming too centrist and losing focus on Arizona. “For the sake of your state, for the sake of our country, send a maverick back to the United States Senate,” Palin told a giant crowd at a fairgrounds there. “It was John McCain who warned us about this administration’s plan for growing government.” According to the Times, the event drew the largest crowd that’s turned out to see McCain since he lost his bid for the presidency. On that night, he very famously did not let Palin speak for herself. So it must have stung a little to have to ask her to come help bail him out. Also, it must have stung McCain, a (mostly) level-headed Republican who has been around the block many, many times, to hear her say this on his behalf: “Let’s not beat around the bush … Everybody here supporting John McCain, we are all part of that Tea Party movement.”

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