Saskatchewan Party Does Not Know How to Get People Excited About a Party


You know what is fun? A pig roast. Everyone likes them, except vegetarians and kosher people, but if you are the center-right political party in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, this is not your audience, anyway. The point is, it should not be hard to come up with an invite that generates excitement for the porky bacchanal you intend to host.

You could use:

1. An image of a delicious roasted pig, maybe even with the traditional apple in its mouth.
2. Or, if that is too much, because even non-kosher vegetarians don’t really like to see dead animals pictured, you could do a cheerful cartoon pig. Maybe even wearing your national regalia or a political button.
3. Or you could just put the words “Delicious smoky bacon!” real big at the top.

Those are three, but really there are innumerable things you could put on an invite to a pig roast that would make people think, I am definitely going to this thing! The Saskatchewan party is awesome! Conversely , there are only a handful of things that you would not want to put on the invite, one of them of course being a heavily loaded image of fiery human death and destruction at the hands of terrorists. The Saskatchewan Party, somehow, made the exact wrong choice. Oops.

Politician apologizes for 9/11 gaffe [Globe and Mail]