The Public Option Will Never, Ever Die. Ever.


We’ve previously compared the dead-then-alive-then-dead-then-alive life cycle of the public option to resurrected Biblical person Lazarus and any character on Lost. And now that it’s back again, we’re struggling for a suitable metaphor. Maybe that evil molten guy from Terminator 2, who can re-heal after being shot over and over again, but only killed for good if he’s submerged in a vat of hot lava? Sure, that works. Anyway, now that health-care reform has passed, there’s a movement afoot to try for the public option just one more time.

One strategy is to simply add it as an amendment to the fixes bill the Senate is working to pass right now via reconciliation. But then the House would have to vote again, and nobody wants to risk tanking this bill if the public option doesn’t have the support, which it may not. A safer route would be waiting for this reconciliation bill to go through, and then bringing up a new reconciliation bill, one solely devoted to creating a public option. If it can pass both chambers, great, and if it can’t, it didn’t endanger any other legislation. And if that doesn’t work, either, we’re sure they’ll try again someday down the road. We’re not falling for the “public option is dead” thing again until we see it submerged in a vat of hot lava.

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