They Like Each Other. They Really Like Each Other!


On Sunday night, as we watched the Democrats celebrate their massive health-care victory, we couldn’t help but think to ourselves: “God, the Clintons are probably chewing on gravel right about now.” But now, today, looking at this picture from yesterday of Hillary embracing Obama after the historic vote, we’re not so sure. We already know she’s about as loyal an aide as you can get in the White House. Yet we couldn’t quite believe that that would extend to being happy for the man that beat her to the presidency on the day that he achieved the one gigantic goal that eluded her and her husband when they lived in the White House. Still, look at this picture. She almost looks, well, genuinely pleased! If she’s not, she’s certainly doing a better job than usual of faking it. At the very least, she’s not making that maniacal “YOU! AND YOU! AND YOU!” grin.