Finish This Sentence: ‘New York Isn’t the City That Never Sleeps, It’s the City That … ’


This morning, the Post used a lede sentence that we’re surprised we don’t see, in one form or another, in the tabloid every single day: “New York isn’t the city that never sleeps,” wrote Carrie Seim, in a story about how single women are moving out of the city to find love. “It’s the city that sleeps with you … then hits on your best friend the next day.” Oh, zing, it totally is! (This is also a story in which a dating expert says: “Women increasingly want to find that perfect partner for that fulfilling, lasting collaborative relationship. Given the very admirable expectations that young women in this city have for the right kind of relationship, it’s not surprising that it will take them longer to find it.” Which is the nicest euphemism for “New York harpies are over demanding to the point of delusion” that we’ve heard in a while.)

Anyway, we like this game. If New York isn’t the city that never sleeps, what is it? If you were writing this Post article, what would your lede be? Here’s Intel Jessica’s:

New York isn’t the city that never sleeps. It’s the city that sleeps with you and then says, ‘I’ve got to get home to my wife.’”

Intel Chris’s:
“New York isn’t the city that never sleeps, it’s the city that has sex with you but won’t spend the night which makes you wonder if you can really say you’ve ‘slept together’ or whether really you should just say, ‘the city was inside of me for a while and then it went to get KFC.’”

We have a feeling you guys will be really good at this game.

That’s It, I’m Leaving! [NYP]