Tinsley Mortimer’s Reality Show Has Driven Someone (Almost) to the Loony Bin


Last week, we watched the debut episode of Tinsley Mortimer’s new CW reality show High Society, and it nearly killed us. We vowed, after washing the gin out of our eyes and the human bile out of our pores, that we would never even think about that wretched show again. But of course, like a bad one-night stand, it wasn’t long before it reared its ugly head and made us look at it in the harsh, cruel light of day. The blog Guest of a Guest, which has made something of a cottage industry out of mocking the real-life personalities on the show, has turned up photographs of a cast member almost (almost!) checking himself into Bellevue Hospital.

Co-star Malik So Chic, one of the more colorful new faces introduced by the show, e-mailed Guest of a Guest a rambling statement about why he very nearly checked himself into the hospital. “Last week directly after the show aired I received much slack for being ‘The Token Black Guy’ and was even called an ‘Uncle Tom Oreo Devil’ by friends and family,” he moaned. “Of course I became depressed and wondered (If this was how people were going to begin to percieve [sic] me).” To make sure this was taken seriously, a “tipster” sent in photographs of Malik actually approaching (but not entering) the doors of the famed hospital, known for its expert handling of psychiatric crises. If you must read the whole account, Guest of a Guest has the whole letter, and much of the tiresome backstory behind the whole show. We just wanted to draw this photo to your attention and note that, yes, a man wearing this outfit approached the doors of Bellevue and was able to walk away not wearing a straightjacket.

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