Tribeca Coyote Caught!


After spending yesterday afternoon and last night darting in and out of traffic in Tribeca and on the West Side Highway, the coyote we spotted was captured by police. After several panicked calls from pedestrians and drivers about the animal, a large team of police officers blocked off a section of street near the Holland Tunnel. “He was scared he was going to get hit by a car,” said Jorge Canizares, a witness who saw the animal eventually hide underneath a car in a parking lot. “He was doing his best to get away.” The police were boastful after the capture, and one told the Times, “He didn’t seem too wily by the time we found him.” That may be because he was tranquilized by a dart, however, after it took twenty minutes and four patrol cars, two motorcycles, an emergency-services truck, and a helicopter to finally bring him down. ¡Viva el coyote!

TriBeCa Coyote Captured! [City Room/NYT]