Upstate Oral Surgeon Is Running for Senate Without His Wife’s Support


Scott Noren — oral surgeon, father of four — seems like a decent, intelligent guy. He thinks politicians are too lazy and incompetent, and he supports health-care reform, green energy, and campaign finance reform. And he’s running one of those common-sense, regular-guy campaigns for Senate that have absolutely no chance of succeeding. Noren has zero name recognition, zero money, and is a long shot to secure the 15,000 signatures he needs to get on the ballot. In fact, Noren may not even get his own wife’s signature.

His campaign is “a battle even his wife isn’t convinced he can win,” the Ithaca Journal reports. And Noren says of his “grueling” schedule — which involves twelve hours a day at his office followed by four to six hours of campaign work at home — “My wife hates it, but I’m doing it for the right reasons.” Even so, Noren wont be deterred. He claims that if he doesn’t win this year, he’ll run again in 2012, which will also be the last year he is married.

Ithaca oral surgeon launches long-shot Senate bid [Ithaca Journal]