Walk-Through: Giant Maisonette in the American Thread Building


There are a lot of stunning things about this newly for-sale residential space in Tribeca, which used to be, at various times, a restaurant and an artists’ exhibition space. First, there’s the original Keith Haring wall mural that was uncovered during renovation. Then, there’s the enormous two-floor gallery with the floor-to-ceiling limestone fireplace. And, with a total of 8,200 feet of usable space in the unit, there’s the entire floor, which is zoned for commercial use in case you want to operate your expanding prostitution ring fortune-telling business out of your own apartment. The price seems kinda low for the space (when you see what it is, you’ll realize how long we’ve been working at New York that this has become our sense of scale), which gives us an idea: The American Thread building is right near our office, and presents a perfect opportunity. Any of you budding philanthropists want to make the Daily Intel dream come true and buy us our very own commercial/residential space? Then Jessica’s husband and Chris’s boyfriend could lock the rest of us in the screening room with a bunch of DVDs of old hour-long WB dramas and go play pool together in the rec room all day. And Intel Dan could finally take his mixed-race all-male fortune-telling business to the next level!