The Eurotrash Have Found a New Way to Entertain Themselves


As far as renters go, James McGown, the owner of an apartment in First Reade Condominium in Tribeca, picked a doozy: Dimitri Dimoulakis, a self-described "sex toy salesman" who installed a stripper pole and had a penchant for throwing "extreme" parties, one of which featured a "fire massage." Do you not know what that is? We did not, but the suit the condo board has since filed against McGown describes it thusly.

"[A] woman is waving a wand of fire over the bare back and legs of a man, who is lying down on what looks like a kitchen counter. The man's pants are also pulled down to his ankles," the suit says.

Also, there is video.

We hope this doesn't give fellow Tribeca resident and party-thrower Nouriel Roubini any ideas. We wouldn't want his chest sweater to get singed.

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