The Eurotrash Have Found a New Way to Entertain Themselves


As far as renters go, James McGown, the owner of an apartment in First Reade Condominium in Tribeca, picked a doozy: Dimitri Dimoulakis, a self-described “sex toy salesman” who installed a stripper pole and had a penchant for throwing “extreme” parties, one of which featured a “fire massage.” Do you not know what that is? We did not, but the suit the condo board has since filed against McGown describes it thusly.

[A] woman is waving a wand of fire over the bare back and legs of a man, who is lying down on what looks like a kitchen counter. The man’s pants are also pulled down to his ankles,” the suit says.

Also, there is video.

Also, there is video.

We hope this doesn’t give fellow Tribeca resident and party-thrower Nouriel Roubini any ideas. We wouldn’t want his chest sweater to get singed.

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