Woods Evasive in First Post-Scandal Interview: ‘I’ve Done Some Pretty Bad Things’


Tiger Woods revealed little we didn’t already know in his first interviews with reporters tonight, one with the Golf Channel and another with ESPN golf reporter Tom Rinaldi. The stilted Q&A with Rinaldi at a golf club near Woods’s Florida home was restricted to five minutes (!) and both men stood as Rinaldi peppered the golfer with questions, most of which he deflected.

Woods again declined to reveal any details about the night of the car accident (“It’s all in the police report”) or what he is in therapy for, exactly (“That’s a private matter”). What did he own up to (if vaguely)? “I’ve done some pretty bad things in my life. And, uh, it all came to a head.” Groundbreaking stuff! He also obliquely discussed the scope of his transgressions: “Well, just one is, is enough. And obviously that wasn’t the case, and I’ve made my mistakes.” And as he did in his prepared statement a month ago, he referred to straying from his Buddhism and meditation as a factor in his sleeping around.

We’re assuming that if Rinaldi had been granted more than five minutes, he would have asked the question on all of our minds: What is the mysterious sex act Joslyn James proposed via sext that Tiger Woods declined due to potential “stage freight”?

(Read the full interview transcript at ESPN.com.)

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