Young Karl Rove Understood the Power of ‘Babes,’ Color-Coded Index Cards


Yes, Karl Rove once got a bloody nose from a girl in his neighborhood because of the Nixon sticker on his bicycle basket. And in the most recent excerpt from his memoir, Courage and Consequence, we see why he was so easy to pick on. He was a quirky little guy!

He found a like-minded group of peers on the debate team — “his tribe” — and learned to use research, color-coding, and references to esoteric political figures to crush his opponents.

His campaign for student assembly was also beyond sophisticated, which in high school means that he used jocks and “babes” to win the election.

To review: sticker on his bicycle basket, elaborate color schemes, and hot, platonic girl friends. We’re thinking it, but we won’t say it. Sorry you got beat up, Karl.

The Girl Who Beat Up Rove [WSJ]