Adam Clayton Powell IV to Challenge Rangel in Reelection Bid


Taking aim at an old foe, Adam Clayton Powell IV announced today in Harlem that he would run against embattled congressman Charles Rangel in the Democratic primary this fall. Rangel “simply wants to get reelected so he can resign and appoint” a successor, Powell argued. (A rep for Rangel denies this.) Powell and Rangel have old beef: 30 years ago Powell’s father lost his congressional seat to Rangel. In 1994, Powell tried unsuccessfully to steal it back from Rangel. This time, because of the ethics troubles beleaguering Rangel, Powell feels emboldened. “The fact that he is no longer chairman [of the House Ways and Means committee] is significant,” Mr. Powell said. “If he were still chairman, I might not be running.” This fight is going to be down and dirty and, hopefully, really fun to watch. Expect Rangel’s finances, and Powell’s 2008 DUI, to be top on the list of talking points.

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