Andrew Cuomo Really, Really Cares What You Think About Him


Andrew Cuomo takes after his dad, former governor Mario Cuomo, when it comes to dealing with the press. While he's studiously avoided the press (particularly NY1, which he hasn't talked to since they asked him on-air about his divorce back in 2006) in public, in private he's constantly on the phone with reporters, having off-the-record conversations about their coverage of him. Really, the Cuomos need to be liked and understood. By everyone. From the Times:

They are determined to get their side of things across, to anyone who will listen. Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute who is a former reporter for The New York Times and The New York Post, recalled the elder Mr. Cuomo’s calling his house once and having a 45-minute conversation with the cleaning woman about housing policy. “He knows how to dial,” Mr. Carroll said of the former governor, adding that both Cuomos “care very, very much about what’s written about them and said about them.”

This makes us a little sad that neither Mario or Andrew ever call Daily Intel. We care about housing policy! Is it because we didn't Photoshop Andrew's package big enough in his pretend superhero tights? Because that can be easily fixed!

Behind the Curtain, Cuomo Runs His Own P.R. Machine [NYT]