Arizona Governor: Businesses Want a ‘Safe and Secure Environment’


Arizona governor Jan Brewer addressed concerns today that her state’s new immigration law would have a detrimental effect on the state’s economy. Despite what Bloomberg and others might think, businesses want the stricter laws, she claims.

"The bottom line is that when I go about meeting with businesses that come into Arizona ... they want to know that we have a safe and secure environment into which to move their businesses here," she said. "They want to know that their employees are going to have a quality of life that they've had in the places where they're moving from to move here."

Of course, critics of the law — which will require immigrants to carry their alien registration documents with them at all times — believe it will foster racial profiling and result in businesses, conventions, and tourists staying the hell away from the state.

New immigration law won't hurt economy, Arizona governor says [CNN]