Banker Saves Septuagenarian Trapped in Corn Silo


As we suspected! The incident we mentioned this morning in which two bankers rescued their children from a burning building was not a coincidental one-off act of heroism by financial-services professionals but part of a larger orchestrated plan to counteract the industry's tarnished reputation, as evidenced by the following story out of Minnesota.

A South Dakota banker making a routine trip to a southwest Minnesota farm ended up saving the farmer's life.

Everett Vande Voort, 74, became trapped in a bin of swirling corn earlier this month on his farm near Beaver Creek.

"I was taking some corn out of the bin, it didn't come, so I went up in there and poked with a pipe, and I saw the corn start moving, so I was going to go out again, and I never made it out," he said.

Sioux Falls banker David O'Hara said he thought something might be wrong when he got to the farm.

"Both his augers were running and Everett was nowhere in sight, so usually not a good thing," he said. "I climbed up to the top of the bin and looked down in, and there was Everett, buried basically up to the neck in corn."

Please. What self-respecting banker makes a trip to a corn farm? None, unless Lucas van Praag is driving them there.

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