Man Spends Twenty Years Looking for Human Fossils and His 9-Year-Old Finds One Just Like That


On Aug. 15, 2008, when Matthew called his father to look at the bones he had found, Dr. Berger began cursing wildly as he neared his son. The boy mistook his father’s profanity for anger. But from 15 feet, Dr. Berger, who had done his Ph.D. on hominid shoulder bones, among them the clavicle, was astounded to see that his son had in his hands a clavicle with the unmistakable shape of a hominid. ‘I couldn’t believe it,’ Dr. Berger giddily recalled. ‘I took the rock, and I turned it’ and ‘sticking out of the back of the rock was a mandible with a tooth, a canine, sticking out. And I almost died,’ he said, adding ‘What are the odds?’” Also, this story has the best dateline ever. [NYT]