Bob Rubin Frenched Derivatives Trader As the Economy Burned


Iris Mack — an academic and derivatives trader who was allegedly fired from her job at the Harvard Management Company after she raised concerns to University officials that then-president Larry Summers's irresponsible usage of financial instruments had contributed to losses in Harvard’s endowment — can now call herself the woman who blew the whistle on two former Treasury secretaries. On the Huffington Post today, Mack describes a brief fling she had with Robert Rubin, the married, 71-year-old former Citigroup chairman, when he flew to Miami on the company jet to meet her at the height of the financial crisis. After dinner, she walked him back to his hotel. And then ...

He got this funny look on his face, and asked:

"Do you want to go upstairs and ... cuddle?"

So that's what this is about. For a moment I was totally speechless and had to dig into my Harvard-trained PhD brain to figure out what the hell he meant by "cuddling"! What can I say, once a teetotaling math geek, always a bit slow to pick up on signals from the menfolk. So the former Treasury Secretary had a "crush" on me! And not long afterward the former Treasury Secretary had his tongue down my throat and hands everywhere sort of like an octopus. But as soon as the thought entered my mind — the former Treasury Secretary has his tongue down my throat?! — I came to my senses a bit and awkwardly went back home before we both got too carried away. This is to say, I said to myself that there would be no other former Treasury Secretary appendages entering any other of my orifices.

Personally, we made that vow long ago.

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