Goldman Sachs Now Gambling With Its Own Future, Say Experts


Some people are worried about Goldman Sachs’ decision to fight the SEC’s civil-fraud charges, Bloomberg reports today. Like this guy:

“There’s a very low probability that Goldman could get the case dismissed,” said Thomas Hazen of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, whose books include a two-volume treatise on broker-dealer law. “Every pretrial motion the SEC wins, Goldman gets one step closer to losing.”

Frankly, professor, that is just absurd.

Frankly, professor, that is just absurd.

Really, have you learned nothing from this whole ordeal? This is Goldman Sachs! They don’t lose. It’s not like they’ve gone into this thing all willy-nilly, without some kind of hedge. If we had to place a bet ourselves, we’d wager that the firm is playing both sides of this thing. If they win against the government, they will be more awesome and powerful than ever. If they lose, they’ll all go into government and be more awesome and powerful than ever. So go back to your books, dude. Goldman has models.

Goldman Sachs Should Cut Losses in SEC Standoff, Lawyers Say [Bloomberg]