Carl Paladino, Master Negotiator


When Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino took his "Mad As Hell" tour to Syracuse yesterday, he was asked by a reporter how he'd change state government. Paladino "pointed to his business success." “My business is negotiating," Paladino, a Buffalo real-estate magnate, said. And what does Paladino think of the man who would be his most important partner in negotiations, all-powerful Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver?

Silver, he said, “looks like rigor mortis has set in.” He said that once elected governor, he’ll turn Silver upside down to get the blood flowing and then “send him up to Attica.”

Insulting someone's appearance and threatening to send them to jail must be some kind of advanced business-negotiation tactic, one we are not business-savvy enough to understand.

Paladino, running for governor, denounces 'ruling class' on visit to Syracuse [Post-Standard]