Chris Orsaris Stole $7 Million in Order to Fund the Dream


Most of us have some kind of fantasy of what we’d do with extreme wealth. Some people will do anything to get said wealth, so that they can live out their fantasy in glorious color. That’s what Chris Orsaris, a used-car salesman in Queens, did. Orsaris allegedly embezzled $7 million from the used-car dealership where he worked. He used it to acquire a number of very flashy things, including a $5.5 million Trump World Tower apartment, a $2.9 million Hamptons home, a $2 million Florida condo, and oh yes….


Orsaris, who also owned a $5 million Queens waterfront home, even bought an $860,000 yacht christened B LOW ME

We’d have named ours Suck It, personally.

Used-car dealer Chris Orsaris stole $7 million to finance mob fantasies: feds [NYDN]