Comptroller John Liu Comes Out in Favor of a Boycott of Arizona


As we reported yesterday, the office of City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez of Washington Heights is trying to get Comptroller John Liu's cooperation on a citywide boycott of Arizona. Today, Liu's office released a statement in support of "some form of boycott," and, echoing Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, drew parallels to the boycotts that took place over South African apartheid.

"It's simply unconstitutional, unacceptable, and un-American. Arizona's new immigration law promotes state-sanctioned discrimination and second-class citizenship. This does not only affect immigrants, it affects all people by encouraging racial profiling, which disregard where a person was born. New York City and indeed our country was built by immigrants, prospered from its labor and empowered by its people. Some form of boycott is necessary for the same reasons we as a City boycotted apartheid in South Africa more than 20 years ago."

It's unclear, though, what Liu has in mind for the boycott — whether he would go along with the plan floated by Rodriguez's office, in which he would refuse to sign off on city contracts with Arizona-based companies — and his office is not in a particularly sharing mood.