Cop-Clobbered Biker Fits a Certain Stereotype


The guy who got body-slammed off of his bike (on tape!) by a cop in 2008 took the stand yesterday in the trial against the cop who felled him, Patrick Pogue — and he’s not doing any favors to bike activists who get painted as dirty, obnoxious hippies by their critics. Christopher Long described himself as a “couch-surfing” stoner who has a “nick-bag-a-day” weed habit. He was also questioned about his past crimes, which included a discharge from the Army for drug use, a fatal driving accident in 2001, and the time he was arrested last year in Brooklyn for senselessly (and drunkenly) smashing a lady’s side-view mirror. But no doubt the nadir of his testimony came when he shared: “I like to smoke while I defecate in the morning.” And you guys thought you were celebrating 4/20 to the fullest yesterday.

Pot pedaler in a day of high drama [NYP]