Couple Who Purchased Madoff Apartment Cheerfully Admit Sacrificing Souls for Outdoor Space


It stands to reason that most people would be a little bit hesitant about moving into the apartment where Bernie Madoff lived as he conducted his devastating Ponzi scheme. Even a non new-agey person might get a touch of the heebie-jeebies about whatever "bad energy" must be leftover in the place. But all that goes out the window, the new owners say, when you see the outdoor space.

"He was worried about the karma, but I just loved the terrace," Patsy Kahn said of her husband, Al, a toy mogul with whom she purchased the 4,000-square-foot duplex in February.

So they can occasionally hear the screams of Madoff victims past echo in their ears. So they are haunted by the wraithlike vision of a naked Ruth Madoff. You get a white-noise machine and a little sleeping mask. You make do. This is New York City. You don't get outdoor space without sacrificing in some other way.

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