Dakota Fanning Checks Out NYU


Once, many years and a couple of jobs ago, Intel Chris interviewed Dakota Fanning at a premiere of one of her movies, Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story. She was 11. Other stars that night were never more than five or so feet away from their publicists, who would (not always) gently cough if the interview went too long or a question was inappropriate. We talked to the rest of the cast, and when it came time to talk to Dakota, who was wearing a pretty sundress, her mother introduced them politely. Then the woman walked away to another part of the movie-theater lobby and left us to sit down on a banquette with Dakota alone. Not only could we have asked any incredibly awful question we pleased, we could have tucked her under his arm and run away with her. But her mother clearly knew that Dakota could take care of herself and was poised enough not to be thrown by anything so silly as a rude question or a rogue kidnapping.

Intel thought of that moment today when we read on nylonmag.com that Dakota took a tour of NYU’s Gallatin School. Because we don’t tend to believe most starlets really have the self-possession to make it through four years of college (even a “make up your own curriculum” one like Gallatin. The Olsen twins couldn’t manage it!). But there’s something about that Dakota Fanning that makes us think she could be one of the rare actresses to qualify for the Natalie Portman Exception.

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