Dan Goldstein, Atlantic Yards’ Last Holdout, Steps Aside for $3 Million


The head of the group that most vocally and effectively fought against Bruce Ratner in his efforts to develop the Atlantic Yards into a stadium and residential and shopping complex, has caved to the developer and agreed to sell his condo. Daniel Goldstein was one of the last seven holdouts in the way of the $4.9 billion dollar project, even though he had technically already been evicted and was being forced to sell by a court ruling upholding the state’s right to seize the land under him by eminent domain. As of this morning, he was the only person left living on Pacific Street in Prospect Heights. He confirmed to the Times that he’ll receive $3 million for the condo, for which he paid $590,000 in 2003. In exchange for that huge amount, he’s also agreed to a “a modified form of the speak-no-evil agreement that Forest City has required of those it buys out.” That means he can no longer be spokesman for the group Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn and can no longer stage rallies against the project. But he is, at least, allowed to attend them. When he’s not shopping for an awesome new apartment, that is.

Daniel Goldstein, Last Atlantic Yards Holdout, Sells for $3 Million [City Room/NYT]