Democrats Decide to Go for Hispanic Votes Over Environmentalist Votes?


Now that financial reform is on the way to being wrapped up, probably, what’s the next big item on President Obama’s and the Democrats’ to-do list? Good question. It was supposed to be the climate-change bill that Democrats John Kerry, Independent Joe Lieberman, and Republican Lindsay Graham are set to unveil on Monday. But now it seems as if immigration reform could get pushed to the head of the schedule, and climate change may not be taken up at all this year, because afterward, the Democrats have to confirm a Supreme Court nominee and pretend they’re focusing on jobs, even though they’re obviously doing other things as well. It’s not really a matter of “What’s the more pressing problem — illegal immigration or global warming?” as it is “Which is the more pivotal voting bloc — Hispanics or environmentalists?” Especially with the uproar over a new, controversial law in Arizona, the answer is clear. And let’s be honest, who else are the environmentalists going to vote for?

[Climate change legislation unlikely this year, say sources [Political Ticker/CNN]