Doormen and Owners Reach Agreement, Avert Strike


The city’s Trumps and Van der Woodsens can breathe a sigh of relief. The union representing about 30,000 New York City apartment building doormen was able to come to an agreement with the owners of more than 3,200 apartment buildings late tonight, averting a strike that was set to start at 7 a.m. Wednesday morning. The talks went down to the wire, as the owners finally agreed to a new four-year contract that will increase the total pay of the doormen by nearly 10 percent without cutting their benefits, according to a union official. Negotiations have been taking place for several days, with the main point of contention being the owners’ demand that the doormen and other workers share some of the cost of their medical and dental benefits.

Deal Reached That Averts a Walkout by Doormen [NYT]