Doormen May Soon Force Rich People to Exert Themselves Slightly


In New York, public employees such as policemen and transit workers are so vital to the ongoing functioning of society that they’re barred by law from striking. Others professions, like taxi drivers, can dramatically alter the way the city operates when they withhold their services. But if doormen go on strike on April 21, which could happen if their union can’t reach an agreement on a new contract with the Realty Advisory Board, will it really create more than a minor inconvenience?

Maybe we underestimate the importance of doormen because we’ve never had one (and probably never will), and have somehow managed to survive just fine. Clearly, though, those who have become accustomed to such a luxury will not be able to withstand the absence of a doorman. People like this woman, for example:

We rely on them for everything,” said Donna Saunders of Midtown Manhattan. “They make life easier.”

After all, if the doormen go on strike, who will hail cabs, carry groceries, and, most importantly, open the doors to buildings? Besides anyone, we mean.

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