Ed Cox Admits It’s ‘Possible’ Steve Levy Won’t Get Enough Votes


State Republican Chairman Ed Cox has publicly expressed his doubts that his handpicked gubernatorial candidate, the impressively mustachioed Steve Levy, will get the necessary 50 percent of votes at this June’s Republican Convention to earn a spot on the ballot. He responded to a reporter’s question at a Republican women’s conference by stating, “It is possible that [Levy] won’t get 50.1 percent.”

This lack of confidence comes at a time when, the Post reports, “even some Republicans sympathetic to Levy are privately worrying his momentum seems stalled.” Cox’s camp has tried to downplay the comment since, claiming that — even though most calculations have Levy earning only about an estimated 25 percent of votes — the chairman still has “confidence that Levy will get 50 plus 1 percent.” Though, considering the fact that Levy was a Democrat as of a month ago (not to mention that unfortunate “terrorist” Halloween-costume pic), it probably wouldn’t hurt for Cox to start making that confidence a bit more obvious.

EXCLUSIVE: Levy may not make it to 50 percent at the GOP convention, Cox says [Knickerbocker/NYP]