Ex-Con Shoots Parole Officer in Brooklyn


You know what’s a place where you’d think there would be metal detectors at the door? The parole office in Downtown Brooklyn, where convicted felons (sometimes ones who committed violent crimes or murders) gather to meet with the officers whose job it is to monitor their activity and potentially punish them if they go astray. But there isn’t one there, and last night, 50-year-old convicted murderer Roberto Morales, who was on parole after 22 years in prison, took advantage of that fact. He waited patiently for his name to be called, and around 7 p.m., when it was his turn to talk to parole officer Samuel Salters, he calmly walked up to him, pulled out a 9-millimeter Ruger, and shot him in the torso. According to the Times, the bullet “sliced clean through and came out Mr. Salters’ back,” but luckily, it was the only shot that Morales was able to fire before his gun jammed. Almost immediately, other officers in the room pulled their guns, and Morales surrendered. Salters is expected to survive.

Paroled Murderer Shoots His Parole Officer at His Desk in Brooklyn [NYT]
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