Mon Dieu! Attacked by Unfriendly Politicians, Fab Fab Flees Britain


Last night, news that Fabrice Tourre, the man at the center of the SEC’s case against Goldman Sachs, was on paid leave from the firm and thus might — might! — be on the receiving end of a portion of this year’s bonus pool when it is doled out months and months from now caused British politicians to completely freak out. “Once again people’s confidence will be shattered by the news that a senior broker has been charged and yet carries on working, no doubt rubbing his hands at the thought of his next bonus,” Labour MP Lindsay Hoyle fumed. No doubt! If Fabrice is in fact rubbing his hands, it is far away from those people. A concierge at his home in Islington, North London, told the Daily Mail he has fled to France. [Daily Mail UK]