Gay Superheroes Fly Into New York City


According to today’s “Sunday Styles” section, it’s easier to be a gay comic-book fan now than ever before. It’s not just that society is more accepting of gays and nerds, but gay comic-book fans are finding they’re not alone — like those who regularly attend Skin Tight U.S.A., a “costume-fetish party” at the Stonewall Inn. The party provides a chance for regular guys to dress up like superheroes and hang with like-minded dudes in “muscle-cuddling garb often leaves little to the imagination.” And today it provided the Times with a chance to explore the gay comic-book subculture.

Just when we were about to write this article off as an attempt by the Times to manufacture a subculture of gay comic-book fans who dress up like Batman and prowl the streets of Manhattan, it turns into a pretty interesting take on gays and lesbians in comics. But that’s kind of disappointing, because who wants to talk about interesting things when you’ve got this guy.

Out of the Closet and Up, Up and Away [NYT]