Get Ready to Redeliberate the Bush Years All Over Again!


Very much unlike his second-in-command Dick Cheney, George W. Bush has nearly vanished from public view since the start of the Obama presidency. But that absence will come to an end in a few months, when 43 embarks on a national promotion tour for his memoir-ish book, Decision Points, which its publisher has just announced will be released on November 9. In Decision Points — our preferred name would have been Strategery, but fine — Bush will explain “how and why he made the defining decisions in his consequential presidency and personal life,” so you can count on controversial topics like the administration’s terror policies, the war in Iraq, and whether Bush really should have ever quit doing cocaine to get pushed back into the national conversation, right in time for the midterm elections. Also, they released the cover photo, which captures Bush looking pensive and determined as he certainly mulls yet another difficult decision. Or as he contemplates what was in those huevos rancheros he just ate.

’Decision Points’: George Bush’s Memoir COMING SOON (PHOTO) [AP via HuffPo]