Glenn Beck Made $32 Million in 2009


Crazy is Glenn Beck’s business and, last year, business was good. According to Forbes, Beck pulled in $32 million in the twelve months ending March 1. Most of the money was made by Mercury Radio Arts, the “entertainment company” that handles Beck’s best-selling books, his lucrative website, and his sold-out sweater concerts, all of which accounted for $30 million of the money he made.

Ever the capitalist, Beck isn’t content with his current level of wealth. And since he doesn’t really care about politics (he told Forbes “I could give a flying crap about the political process”), his plans are to make more money by rolling out more radio stations, selling more books, and continuing the “never-ending quest to try to improve the quality” of what he’s doing. At least that last one is a goal we can all support.

Cash from controversy: Glenn Beck made $32 M in the last year, says Forbes [NYDN]