Goldman Sachs: Basically a Sorority That Makes Money on Things Other Than Car Washes


We all know by now that the culture at Goldman Sachs is weird and insular and conformist. Everyone who works there looks basically the same, and dresses basically the same, and they all stand by one another for life as though they are all carrying around the same secret about something terrible that happened during pledge week. But we did not know that the similarities between one of the world’s most Systemically Significant Financial institutions and B-movie sorority houses does not end there. Apparently, eating disorders are also rampant.

The Wall Street Journal today reveals that along with everything else, workers within the Squid’s mortgage division were fond of bingeing:

And purging:

You can’t blame them, really, poor things. It’s terrible pressure, to have to constantly compare yourself to such a glorious physical specimen as Lloyd Blankfein.

Goldman’s Take-No-Prisoners Attitude [WSJ]