Goldman Sachs Pleads Alan Cumming to Continue to Take Their Filthy Lucre


After actor Alan Cumming revealed in our 21 Questions that he had taken his money out of Goldman Sachs in protest of their behavior leading up to and during the crisis, he got an interesting e-mail, he writes in the Huffington Post today:

A couple of hours after the NY mag piece went online I received an email from Goldman Sachs saying they had read the piece and reminding me of the amount of cash I had made whilst my money was with them, despite the financial crash. This of course just reminds me of why I moved my money in the first place. It was not so much the fact that I lost a lot of money when the financial crash happened. I did, so did a lot of people. And of course, before then and since, I made money with Goldman Sachs. But the reason I moved my money was that I felt it was the only way I could demonstrate to them that I did not approve of them, that I felt they were out of touch and indeed today they just proved that again.

No word on whether or not the missive came from Lloyd himself. But let it never again be said that this firm doesn't care about its clients!

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