Goldman’s Blankfein Launches One-man Telemarketing Campaign in Defense of Firm


Lloyd Blankfein knows that after the whole "God's work" thing he was supposed to keep his mouth shut, but a man can only stay silent for so long, and a few personal phone calls don't count, do they? Which is why, in between crisis meetings, the Goldman Sachs CEO has been sneaking into his office and calling up anyone who would listen to bitch about the SEC's civil charges against the firm. As one lucky recipient of a personal Blankfein call told The Financial Times, the CEO doesn't mess around with how-are-you-how's-the-family? niceties, but gets pretty quickly to the point:

“He feels that the government is out to kill them, that they are under attack and the whole thing is totally political.”

If that sounds a little freaky, you should hear it coming at you down the phone at a high decibel. But Lloyd, we're with you; just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you. If you want to bitch about anything — the SEC, the bullshit ways that Lost is unraveling its plot twists, whatever — hit us up at 212-508-0700, and Lucas has our cell.

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