Jenna Jameson’s Husband Says It’s Her Fault He Got Arrested for Hitting Her

At his welcome-home-from-jail party, rapper T.I., along with guests Jamie Foxx, Usher, and Diddy, raised a glass for Lil’ Wayne. Lindsay Lohan and her younger sister, Ali, are both getting restraining orders against their father. And rather than meet with him, they chose to go out to lunch, where it appears neither of them wore pants. Michael Lohan, meanwhile, is afraid LiLo’s going to be “the next Corey Haim.” Jesse James’s alleged mistress sent an apology letter to Sandra Bullock. There’s a “50-50 chance” Larry King’s divorce is not happening, and King said he’d be in the audience to cheer Shawn on when she performs with Willie Nelson at Radio City in July. And as Tinsley Mortimer’s doing her best to get over Topper, he’s escorting his new model/actress date around London, “sporting a full beard, very bohemian, almost Van Gogh–esque, and appropriate to the occasion. He was wearing shiny green sneakers — a bold fashion statement.”

Kathy Hilton grabbed the microphone at the Dior Beauty and La Vie En Rouge bash to belt out “It’s Raining Men.” When Promises Promises star Kate Finnerman arrived at the show’s opening-night party, Joan Rivers dropped to her knees and started kissing the ground she walked on. Kelly Osbourne announced that St. Tropez spray tanner makes her look ten pounds thinner, causing the Prince’s Trust charity to drop its endorsement of the tanner due to an “inappropriate message.” Jamie-Lynn Sigler is single and ready to mingle, starting with Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. And a post-breakup Paris Hilton is looking scary skinny, while ex Doug Reinhardt’s been bouncing around Hollywood with blond Paris look-alikes.

Amanda Seyfried and boyfriend Dominic Cooper were looking particularly coupley at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Letters to Juliet. Jenna Jameson’s boyfriend, Ultimate Fighting champ Tito Ortiz, was arrested for beating up the porn queen. Ortiz says he didn’t hit her, and that she’s an OxyContin addict, which is why the whole trouble started in the first place. National Lampoon actor Randi Quaid and his wife were sent to jail after allegedly defrauding a Santa Barbara inn of over $10,000 and skipping out on multiple court dates. The judge “thought they were disrespectful to the court, didn’t appreciate the prior problems and didn’t like them flashing their Golden Globe around at the last court appearance.” Some Canadians want William Shatner to run for governor, and they’ve started a Facebook group about it. Gwyneth Paltrow wants another kid. And Britney Spears’s manager is tweet-campaigning for an all-Britney Glee episode.