Hot Steel Playground Domes Get Even More Treacherous


After parents started complaining that the steel domes installed in a playground in Brooklyn Bridge Park were burning their children, scrambling officials erected tents to block the unseasonably hot sun. Eventually, the trees planted around the domes will fill and provide a more permanent shade. And yet, even if the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corp. were to somehow block the sun completely, Mr. Burns–style, another danger would still remain.

At least one 5-year-old has fallen while playing on the domes, breaking her nose and knocking out one of her teeth. “They look innocuous, but they’re really dangerous,” the girl’s dad says of the domes. Some may insist that, while sad and unfortunate, such accidents are inevitable when children play on things, what with gravity and all. Those people hate children — and so do park officials unless they replace these hot terror domes with something that children can’t fall off of, like monkey bars swings slides see-saws ladders a bench a patch of grass.

Parents urge officials to remove ‘dangerous’ metal climbing domes in new Brooklyn Bridge Park [NYDN]