House Ethics Committee to Possibly Uncover More of Eric Massa’s Original Sex Moves


The House Ethics Committee has decided it wants to know more about Eric Massa’s unique, sexual-harassment–heavy management style, and is opening “a full and complete investigation.” We wish. Alas, because Massa stepped down in a classic disaster of a resignation, the committee doesn’t have the authority to look directly into the shenanigans of the salty old sailor anymore. (The Washington Post picked up the slack recently with some more revelations about Massa hitting on a bartender at a soldier’s funeral.) But it’s still possible that new information could emerge as the Committee focuses instead on what other members of Congress knew and when they knew it, and whether they acted appropriately in response. Specifically, do any of them know what snorkeling is yet?

Ethics panel opens cover up probe in Massa case [AP via Yahoo]

Update: The FBI and Justice Department are opening their own probes into a $40,000 payment Massa made to his chief-of-staff a day after announcing his resignation. [WP]