Howard Rubenstein’s Billionaire Cabal to Put Eliot Spitzer Back in Politics?


Remember when, in the fall of 2008, publicity don Howard Rubenstein and a strangely unified group of business titans in New York banded together to ensure Bloomberg would be reelected, even though he was bending the rules to run for a third term? He even later admitted to rallying clients like Jerry Speyer, Steven Ross, Bill Rudin, Rupert Murdoch, and Ron Lauder to the cause. Well, today in an article by the Times, Rubenstein let slip something that raised our collective overplucked eyebrow:

Mr. Rubenstein said that at a recent dinner party of 20 prominent New Yorkers, Mr. Spitzer’s past, present and future were closely analyzed. "Some thought he is making a play to come into elected office," Mr. Rubenstein said. "That didn't get a lot of support. But they thought, 'He’s having an influence on policy, so let's look past that episode in his life and appoint him as an adviser to something.' That was the consensus."

"Twenty prominent New Yorkers?" "Let's appoint him as an adviser to something?" God, Howard, didn't anybody ever tell you that part of the point of leading a secret cabal that runs city and state politics is to keep it secret?

Spitzer’s Long Road to Redemption [NYT]