Ivanka Trump’s Stalker Wanted Tucker Max to Join His ‘Group of Real-Life Superheroes’


Before Justin Massler was an Ivanka Trump–loving stalker trying to win her heart with pricey earrings, he was a Tucker Max–hating stalker writing mean e-mails, Max told the Daily News today. Max said the raven-haired stalker sent him dozens of “Unabomber type” missives over a four-year period that called Max things like “the Antichrist.” But the communication between Max and Massler wasn’t confined to the written page. In 2006 they came face to motorcycle goggle–wearing face.

Massler’s twisted obsession peaked in 2006 when he showed up uninvited to one of Max’s parties in Manhattan wearing an outlandish costume and claiming he was a superhero.

Massler got tossed out of the bar and roughed up by one of Max’s pals, but not before spooking the infamous womanizer.

Massler and Max first hooked up over the Internet in 2005 when Massler tried to recruit Max to join his “group of real-life superheroes.” Naturally, Max made fun of Massler, whose superhero name is Cloud Starchaser. That led to the 2006 confrontation in midtown and Masslet’s apparent realization that love-stalking is much more fun than hate-stalking.

Alleged Ivanka Trump stalker Justin Massler also targeted ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ author [NYDN]