iPad Debut Weekend Sales Projected to Exceed Expectations


Modern Family may be seeing an influx of product-placement offers tomorrow morning given the expectation-surpassing opening weekend sales for Apple’s iPad. The tablet-style device may have sold more than twice as many units this weekend as most analysts predicted, with an estimated 700,000 iPads sold since Saturday morning, according to Minneapolis-based analyst Piper Jaffray & Co.’s Gene Munster. Before the launch, analysts were predicting sales of 200,000 to 300,000 units this weekend. Despite the heavy demand, there were still iPads available for purchase Saturday evening, Munster said, indicating that Apple was prepared for the first-weekend frenzy.

The iPad’s initial sales figures dwarf those of the iPhone, as 270,000 iPhones were sold in its debut weekend in 2007. It remains to be seen though whether iPad users will come to rival iPhone owners in their dependence on their newly-purchased toys.

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Apple IPad’s Debut-Weekend Sales May Be Surpassing Estimates [Business Week]