Jill Wants Bethenny Back


At first we were surprised when we read this HollywoodLife report that Jill Zarin wants to be friends with Bethenny Frankel again, after all her monstrous behavior on The Real Housewives of New York City. From the site, which caught up to her last night at a party for her new book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother:

“I’ve already said sorry many times” to Bethenny! ... Now Jill tells us she’s finally ready to forgive Bethenny and move on. She misses her onetime BFF and wants to make amends. But we’ll have to wait a few more episodes before we see things calm down on the show itself. “I’ve gotten the s**t kicked out of me and tomorrow is not going to be any better,” Jill says of an upcoming episode. “It’s another beat up Jill night. … The story hasn’t unfolded yet. There’s still many more episodes to come. You haven’t seen the entire Jill story."

Hmmm. Wonder what type of thing she could be reading about herself to make her change her tune? We'll wait and see how well that plays out for her. In the meantime, gird your loins for another "beat up Jill" night, everybody ...

Jill Zarin Wants To Be Friends With Bethenny Frankel Again: ‘I’ve Already Said Sorry Many Times!’ [Hollywood LIfe]